Reusable nursing pads: everything you need to know + DIY

I’ve been testing them for more than two months and it’s time to give them my thumbs up. They are practical, economical and most importantly: you can wash and use them as many times as you want. Adopted! I speak of the reusable nursing padsa great option zero waste to avoid the “puddle” moment on your shirts. These are the advantages and disadvantages that I have found so far:

reusable nursing pads

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  • reusable: for me this is the main thing. Help to generate less waste.
  • economic: Needless to say the money you save.
  • less irritation: This may be a personal perception, but I find them more “kind” to the skin. With the disposable ones I sometimes had certain itches and with these I didn’t.
  • Cleaning: When you breastfeed, you can fold them down to absorb the milk/drool that sometimes drips from the baby’s mouth. I know that when you are a mother it no longer comes from one more stain, but at least it helps to reduce the permanent “piggy” mode.
  • customizable: if you make them yourself, you can choose the fabric and size that suits you best.


  • Adaptability: They don’t fit the chest as well as disposable ones, so, aesthetically speaking, there are some wrinkles that can be somewhat cumbersome. TRICK: what works for me personally is using nursing bras with some “foam” to hide those folds and that they are not noticed in the clothes.
  • Motion: they move a little more than the conventional ones, but the truth is, it is not a drama. You can always try using a velcro or similar.

If you dare to try them, you can buy them without problems. In fact, I confess that I was on my ass before giving birth and I didn’t have time to make them. Now, if you are a “seamstress”, this craft will be very simple for you. Take note:

reusable nursing pads

Image: Organicus

Step by Step

As easy as choosing a thin terry cloth (absorbent side) and a more waterproof fabric (clothing side). Give them a rounded shape according to the size of your breasts and sew to join both pieces. It has no more secret. Very similar to the tutorial on reusable makeup remover padsbut changing the fabric and the shape.

And you? Have you tried them? Any more advantages or disadvantages that I should add?

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