How to make homemade lip gloss

In my previous post about how to make Vaseline without petroleum derivatives I told you about my predilection for bellina wax and how this ingredient is capable of providing unique textures to the oils that accompany it. Today I am going to go one step further and I am going to show you how by decreasing its percentage in the mixture you can go from a gel-like texture, like that of Vaseline, to a fluid one like that of gloss. Pay attention because with only TWO ingredients you can make a fantastic homemade lip gloss Do you want to know how? Do not miss this tutorial.

how to make lip gloss

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For a lipstick of 10 grams (g):

  • 0.5 g bellina wax*
  • 8.9g castor oil**
  • 0.1 g vitamin E, about two drops (optional)
  • 0.5 g of colored mica or other pigment (optional). You can vary this percentage according to your taste and the provider, but this can be a good starting point

*You can prepare a substitute for this wax at home. Although the result is not identical, it does the trick. Basically, mix one part beeswax with another part glycerin and melt them in a water bath. When melted add a solution of citric acid or white vinegar and heat for 45 minutes. A solid tablet will form on the surface that you should let dry. Wax done!

**You can choose any other oil(s). Personally, I like the castor one because it’s great for dispersing pigments and adding volume to the lips. However, depending on the oil you choose, the percentage of wax to obtain a gel-type format may vary.

Are vegan? The truth is that this wax is not easy to replace… In fact, I think it is the only recipe for course not adaptable. It occurs to me that wax from Japan or some floral (mimosa, jasmine) could do the trick. Do you know of another alternative?

how to make lip gloss

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Step by Step

  • Weigh the ingredients with the help of a precision scale
  • Prepare a container in a bain-marie and add the wax, oil and vitamin
  • When the wax is melted, add the color (optional)
  • Fill the container and let it cool in the fridge
  • label it properly
how to make lip gloss

Image: Organicus

That’s all friend!

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